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Complaints procedure

All customers are requested to make a full check of their vehicle when it is returned to them at the airport and a signature from the customer to confirm “I have checked my vehicle and confirm I am fully satisfied that it is in the same condition in which it was left with Sure Parking Ltd” will be taken. Any damage claimed to have been caused whilst the vehicle in the care of Sure Parking Ltd should be reported to the SURE PARKING LTD driver who returns the vehicle. If a customer decides to make a claim later, then the burden of proof that the damage was caused by a negligent or wilful act by SURE PARKING LTD will lie with the customer.
We will write and acknowledge a written complaint within 5 working days of receiving it. If you can send us any extra information we may ask for and (if necessary) make the vehicle available for inspection, we will try to give you a written decision within 30 days. You can send us complaints by email at, or by writing to the Administration.

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